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Welcome to the home of Peer Support Advocate & Online Content Creator: IAmDaniAdriana

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Dani is currently not taking any further clients in 2023.

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The NEW iamdaniadriana shop is now open. Featuring art from Julia Duncan a Meeanjin (Brisbane) artist. Julia regularly collaborates with iamdaniadriana. Julia is a mixed media artist who draws inspiration from colour, pattern, movement and Taylor Swift. Also featuring resources by iamdaniadrina a Meeanjin (Brisbane) fat lived experience peer support advocate. Dani creates resources for mental health and fat accessibility. Dani is also a mixed media artists who draws inspiration from nature, pop culture and more. In 2021 Dani began studying her Bachelor of Counselling at Griffith University in Brisbane, and is a passionate and dedicated student due to graduate 2024.

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