About IAmDaniAdriana

Dani Adriana is a 29 year old fat activist and lived experience peer support advocate from Brisbane Queensland, Australia. From a young age Danielle suffered through eating disorders, excessive exercise addictions, depression, horrendous body image and anxiety.

Her content initially started on Instagram in 2013 during her initial stages of eating disorder recovery. She created a supportive community in response to the easily accessible pro-eating disorder content found online.

Since 2013 Dani has expanded her content online to include magical things like fat activism, mental health awareness, self care and body positivity. Dani also creates, facilitates and holds workshops world wide around body image, peer support and community connection. 


In 2019 Dani co-created The Body Reconnect Collective with Ashlee Bennett of The Body Image Therapist. Along with the collective's work Dani is an online content creator, peer support advocate, a champion of lived experience consulting and community building around body liberation. 

'Peer support, lived experience consultation and trauma informed body liberation will always be of the utmost importance to me and my community' - IAmDaniAdriana

Body Reconnect Collective

As part of the duo The Body Reconnect Collective, Dani facilitates workshops and events world wide with her co-creator Ashlee Bennett of The Body Reconnect Collective.


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