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Dahlia Designs

Dani & Julia met in 2022 and fell in love over their shared obsession of Taylor Swift. In 2024 they received over 100M views on videos they made about costumes for the 2024 Sydney leg of The Eras Tour. Together they create costumes, accessories, sewing patterns, stickers and more all within the realms of pop culture.

Dahlia Designs

See some of our 2024 designs to date below or check our our Costume Catalog

At this current time we do not have any ready to sell items (including bags) these are all made custom for you depending on your specifications this is why we require each person to enquire via the form below.

Enquire about a custom cosplay, drag, burlesque, accessory or costume below by filling out an enquiry form

We will get back to you ASAP :)

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