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Your Fat & Plus Size Lingerie Ultimate Spreadsheet

On the 24th of September I went onto my Instagram stories to express my frustration with plus size lingerie options... 

Over 9,407 Poll Votes

Nearly 10,000 people voted on polls over two days about lingerie and their experience as a plus size/fat person.

87% of you

Reported you find it difficult to find plus size lingerie in your size!

80% of you

Said lingerie felt inaccessible to you!

You want

More options, more financially accesible options, lingerie with different shapes in mind (eg; smaller boobed plus size ppls or smaller butt size ppls)

"Over 105 websites/stores were recommended to me over 48 hours" 

This led me to a 24 hour spreadsheet dump and deep dive into these suggestions. Some from the get go did not have the sizing even up to a size 20 they were removed from this document. It was to focus and find selfishly lingerie for myself. I have been on the hunt for some new lingerie. I focused a-lot on adding in notes specific to two things


1. Do they cater for sizes above me eg; size 24/26 AUD? Ideally do they make custom orders!

2. Do they ship to Australia and how much is that cost?

Spreadsheet Aims

To help you find new brands

I stumbled upon some brilliant options

To be on-going & you can add your own comments

Ordered and tried a brand on the spreadsheet before? Add information about it by commenting and I will update when I can

May not be helpful for everyone

I used my own size as the minimum standard with a poor rating if they only were inclusive to my own size which is a size 24-26 AUD. (My measurements are also listed on the spreadsheet).

Focused on Australians (but options for all)

We get missed out and international shipping is an all out riot and con sometimes for us down under. Also I am Australian so?

A Beginning 

Not the be all end all or something that solves world hunger - fashion bloggers have done this before me and will continue to do after.

24 Hour Collection of Data from websites that any consumer would do 

I am NOT perfect I may have missed information on websites or not reflected their size range accurately. This may be due to human error or missing info - I searched info and used the website as a potential customer so I think it's a good indication on at least how accessible the info on each site is.

Access the Spreadsheet for free by entering your details & Press Gimme!

Important Information

  • To access the spreadsheet you will need to enter your details so I can weed through the creeps or trolls.

  • Once you enter your details you will be taken to the excel google doc *please save this link to return if you want to*

  • I was not paid by any brand and am not affiliated with any brand listed on the spreadsheet.

  • Some websites below may say up to like size 28 or 30 but when you click these options there are no styles or products available. This happens all the time. Also this spreadsheet is not full proof but just a quick research of the site as anyone would do. This is why for fat people it takes like 10 hours to ensure we can find something that fits plus marketing and sizing is not clear or sometimes easily accessible.

  • If this spreadsheet proves helpful or you enjoy my work and want to contribute a thank-you. You can follow me on all socials @iamdaniadriana - you can also support me on Patreon, Send me a PayPal tip or buy me a coffee here! Of course this is totally optional!!!

If you have any questions, concerns feedback or are brand that wants to reach out to me as a result of this spreadsheet please email me at

You deserve to feel sexy, xox Dani


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