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Fat Peer Support

In my 10 years of being a body image activist and influencer, I have noticed the impact of being visibly fat online and how that has made other fat people feel represented. During my time creating content so many of my followers have been craving support, understanding, and fat friendship that is 1 on 1. Peer support is different from just friendship though, I as your peer support facilitator will help to cheerlead you on your individual journey while drawing upon my long history of self-exploration and healing to help you on your journey. Basically, this method of connection means you have someone who is in your corner who GETS what you're going through and feeling. Not just an Instagram post or a comment thread Fat Peer Support is a dedicated relationship that supports YOU and meets you where you are right now in your body.

What is it like working with me?

"Since I began my work with Dani I feel as though I’ve been able to look at things in an entirely different light whether that be my relationship with my body or my mind. Dani does a great job at making me feel comfortable on days where I want to get deep and gain insight on more difficult subjects and also provides a friendship that always makes me laugh! I love that I am able to decide what we discuss and no matter what I choose, she always makes me feel good about the decision. Dani is the best and if you’re considering working with her, I would 10/10 recommend!."

Client since June 2021

"Dani is awesome! Working with Dani is so special and uplifting. She creates a safe space in which you can laugh and cry without judgement. She is the person I wish I had as a friend growing up. I have a lot of straight sized friends and the few fat friends I have are still in the mindset where they believe they have to change to fit it. But being able to talk so openly about existing in a fat body without shame is freeing. It's exhausting living in these times so if you have the time and money, I couldn't recommend a better way to spend it, than with Dani."

Client since June 2021

"I'm really grateful for fat one on one peer support with Dani! I have been working with her for a few months now and I feel like our conversations have really given me the ability to dig deep and develop a relationship with myself. Dani makes the experience of peer support very comfortable and open. I am someone who was comfortable with my body but had never really discussed my experiences as a fat person or how that translated into my relationship with my body prior to my meetings with Dani. I feel like I have been able to peel back the layers and finally begin learning what it means to feel connected to my body. I'm learning to listen to myself and trust my body. It's honestly an amazing experience! 

Dani has taught me so much and I've really enjoyed getting to know her. There's so much more I could say about our sessions. I can't recommend one on one fat peer support enough. Dani is a gem!"

Client since Dec 2021

"Working with Dani has been immensely helpful with my self acceptance, body image, and overall mental health journey. Having someone who understands my life experiences gives me connection and a space to show up as myself, however I am that day, to talk through my thoughts and feelings without worry of judgement or misunderstanding. I've also enjoyed simply building our relationship and always leave our conversations feeling more positive about whatever we talk about!"

Client since June 2021

Danielle is currently not taking any more clients for 2024. However she is creating a 5 week Body Reconnect group to meet likeminded friends who are anti-diet, not fatphobic and want friends who are body neutral. Jump on the anti-new-years diet culture train and join.

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