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Dani! Where have you gone?

I'm on a Social Media Break 🌴🍹

but not entirely...

Welcome Fat Friends. You might have noticed I'm on a social media break currently. 

​I'm redirecting some my previous work effort to my Patreon

(where you can then join my Facebook private Patron group where I'll be the most!)

​I'm redirecting my work here why?

  1. While craving social media acceptance is currently affecting me negatively by endless scrolling and personal catastrophizing over every detail of my accounts, I will really miss the interactions with people who understand fat experiences and the community I am tapped into.

  2. I don’t want to lose the connection with the people who support me because they believe in what I do vs the people in my community who continually expect me to create content like a robot and see me as a commodity. I need to do this to confirm to myself that even if it all went away there are connections worth pursuing in this work (even if they are on a much smaller scale) I don’t need the 104K to be the confirmation that what I post is worthy. There is a reason I am online in some capacity and I need to figure that out again.

Can't afford my Patreon? That's okay. 

You can sign up for my free mailing list below which delivers weekly mini content delivered to your inbox every Friday. 

Are you going to miss me? I know I'll miss you too sign up here so we can miss each other less.

I'm so glad we're still together!

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